Chitra (B) Publicity in 1929 by late Shri KANTILAL MANILAL MEHTA. The office was started at today’s busy and thickly crowded area of Mahatma Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad at Gujarat State. In very early time from 1929 to 1935 activities of this small outdoor publicity shop was much restricted in making signboards, paintings on shops and film banners.

In 1935, First sign board (Now known as Hoarding or rental Bill Board) in its present form was erected at Naginchand hall, Chowk Bazar, Surat. This was the first of it’s kind of hoarding owned, erected and maintained by an individual outdoor publicity company in India.


Since than in Span of 10 years CHITRA PUBLICITY CO. put up more than 500 nos. of hoarding (Bill Boards) throughout India including Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi, Lahore, Karachi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat and Rajkot. The finest Artists – Painters and helpers used to hand paint each and every design that client gave. Commercial film banners with time bound displays were meticulously handled all over the country. Hard work – Travelling day and night, was the way of business since then.

The only outdoor advertising company known till than was CHITRA PUBLICITY CO. of Ahmedabad.

During, this time, outdoor publicity business, which many learned from Shri KANTILAL MANILAL MEHTA and having local base started their own, set ups locally and established in Outdoor Publicity business after the year 1944 – 1945. Today there are more than 100 such Outdoor Publicity Companies in the state of Gujarat alone.

Today CHITRA PUBLICITY CO.. is still a family owned and run outdoor advertising Company with more than 10000 nos of hoardings (approx. 23,00,000 sq.ft.) in all different shapes and sizes at 250 Towns and Centers of Gujarat State. The size of Hoardings owned, erected and maintained by CHITRA ranges from 6’x5’ to 155’x30′.

CHITRA is having well trained staff and the business Supports many families directly and indirectly through its business activities. Well-trained and matchless infrastructure throughout the State of Gujarat is the strength of Chitra to cater versatile outdoor Publicity needs of potential clients.

CHITRA is having full-fledged offices in all Four Major Cities of Gujarat. We have Administrative & Corporate office at Ahmedabad and Registered office in Baroda Branch Offices at SURAT & RAJKOT.

CHITRA supports outdoor advertisement needs of more than 1200 Clients from all over the Country. CHITRA has about 30% to 40% of its urban outdoors illuminated. Displaying and Fixing, integrated hoarding publicity, and Sign board manufacturing. It also undertakes special needs of outdoor advertising.

At CHITRA, Corporate Branding all over Gujarat is being undertaken successful for many clients for many years.

Why Choose CHITRA for your outdoor advertising needs in GUJARAT.

It is not easy to be in a business for more than 85 years and to maintain leading in the state position for such a long time. At CHITRA we have nearly 10000 nos. of hoardings (approx. 23,00,000 sq.ft.) owned by the company and managed by our dedicated staff of more than 100 people, in the most systematic method. Our outstanding performance attribute through…

  • Lion share of almost 50% outdoors, all over Gujarat State. Maximum Bill Boards in Ahmedabad city and all metro stations.
  • Matchless Infrastructure – throughout the state. Own fleet of transportation and staff.
  • Well connected, well informed and friendly staff at all the offices at Ahmedabad, & Rajkot.
  • Spreaded all over Gujarat in more than 250 towns. Reaches Population of 55 million of Gujarat.
  • Access to all the medium including Hoardings, Kiosks, ST Stands, Pickup Stands, Wall Painting and many more.
  • One Stop for all Outdoor advertising requirements all over Gujarat State.

Experience of Outdoor since 1929 * Having large number of Outdoor Media throughout Gujarat.

Having Branch Offices for providing better services to our respected clients * Our own manufactured and reliable structure used hoardings.* Exclusive rights of GSRTC monopoly tender throughout Gujarat. *Having hoardings in GIDC, State Highway, Pilgrimage Stations etc.


  • Our Head Office is at Ahmedabad and we have 10 branches across the state (Rajkot, Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Porbandar and Gandhidham) with matchless infrastructure, well equipped offices and well trained staff.
  • Owns many of the most premium locations in all 2 metros for last many decades
  • Highest Media Mix in the state offering 20 lacs sq.ft. (More than 6,000 hoardings) in major cities of Gujarat.
  • Wider selection in 600 towns of Gujarat. 1500 pickup stand and very large quantity in wall branding.
  • Direct Contract and Services throughout the state. One Point effective service.
  • Controlled media price with conservative approach and understanding client’s needs for decades.
  • Booking agent throughout Gujarat state for all the premises of 240-GSRTC’s effective depots.
  • We have more then 35 to 40 % share of important outdoor media and locations in Gujarat State. We have approx 1200 regular clients in Gujarat State.