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CHITRA PUBLICITY CO. was started in 1929 by late Shri KANTILAL MANILAL MEHTA. The office was started at today’s busy and thickly crowded area of Mahatma Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad at Gujarat State. In very early time from 1929 to 1935 activities of this small outdoor publicity shop was much restricted in making signboards, paintings on shops and film banners.

In 1935, First sign board (Now known as Hoarding or rental Bill Board) in its present form was erected at Naginchand hall, Chowk Bazar, Surat. This was the first of it’s kind of hoarding owned, erected and maintained by an individual outdoor publicity company in India.

To acquire more share of hoardings across Gujarat to endorse every brand in the best possible way and sustain the label of the biggest media owner in Gujarat.

To advertise your product/service in the most strategic way at the prime and relevant location that can grab the highest audience.

Why Choose Chitra (B) Publicity?

It is not easy to be in a business for more than 85 years and to maintain leading in the state position for such a long time. At CHITRA we have nearly 10000 nos. of hoardings (approx. 23,00,000 sq.ft.) owned by the company and managed by our dedicated staff of more than 100 people, in the most systematic method.

150+ Employees

Our young team of over 150 employees works closely and directly with clients, as well as global advertising agencies, outdoor specialists, PR, marketing, experiential and events companies.


With 5 branch offices across the state, Chitra has the best infrastructure to implement campaigns swiftly.

2500+ Hoardings

We own over 2500+ hoardings across Gujarat so you can launch your campaign with just a single point of contact.

Product Visibility

We work directly with some of India’s top brands and advertising agencies to facilitate maximum visibility for your product or service.

Proficient SOP

We are the only company in the OOH industry that works on proficient Standard Operating Procedures, which helps us to implement campaigns with no hassle and to deliver accurate results.

Influential Locations

We own the best media assets in the state of Gujarat and today, we are the biggest media owner in the state. We occupy the major share of hoardings across CG Road & SG Highway in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat City.

Our Hoardings

Chitra has 2500+ hoardings across the peak cities of Gujarat such as Ahmedabad, Baroda & Anand.


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